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To organise the Circles economy, we follow four principles:

  1. Self-sustainability
  2. Decentralization
  3. Localism
  4. Democratic Confederalism

Circles is ideally meant for local municipal constituencies which can be federated following the principles of direct democracy. Each of these principles taken alone are not enough to bring about truly liberatory and transformational change in our societies. We must therefore think holistically about these four principles. Circles aims to provide social and technical tools to build alternatives to today’s neoliberalism and corporate feudalism. It starts with the decentralization of economic power built by local, interconnected regions that complement each other’s resources and needs in sustainable ways. These will be confederated together at the broader regional, national and international levels from the bottom up. The democratization of money in the form of a truly liberatory basic income which represents our common wealth can only be achieved by means of economic democracy.