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Local Solutions for Global Problems

The ethos of localism is to think global and act local, or to think about local solutions to global problems, situating yourself where you are, by interacting with your environment and seeing what are the resources and needs in your area. Localism is therefore a call for autonomy and local democracy or democratic autonomy, for short, as a principle for the organisation of society.

Democratic autonomy is a way by which each group can organise according to their abilities and needs and build together a different economic paradigm, based on a different value system than that of capitalism and the nation-state: one that nurtures the commons and democratic forms of arranging life.

All units within the confederal structure organise themselves autonomously. These structures can be people’s assemblies, cooperatives or academies. The fundamental unit of these structures is the circles of trust people organise within. Within this context, the fundamental institutions in implementing direct democracy are the democratic assemblies (see chapter before). In the aim of solving society’s economic problems and providing for society’s needs, the cooperative structures are imperative. Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) of Circles should organise their own assemblies and then connect to others in broader regional confederated levels, as per need.